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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Bedtime Skincare Routine

Hey guys I just wanted to talk you through my nighttime Skincare routine as I'm always curious as to what people use. Before this routine I'd take off all my makeup with simple make up removing wipes.

First of all I wash my face with lukewarm water and the boots foaming tea tree and witch hazel face wash. I then dab my face dry with a face towel.

Secondly I use the Simple purifying cleansing lotion. Simply put some onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face to remove any dirt or makeup you've missed. This feels really moisturising on the skin.

 Thirdly I use the Simple sooting facial toner. This helps close and shrink pores. This you again put on a cotton pad and wipe in upwards motions over your face. This feels really nice and cooling on the skin.

Then I'll apply spot treatment because I'm a teenager and we all need it don't lie. My favourite two are Grease lightening by lush, it's quite expensive but feels really organic on the skin and Creightons perfectly clear calming spot treatment. I'm always looking for new spot treatments that are really affective so please let me know in the comments of any that up you use. 

All the links to the products I've talked about :) 

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