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Monday, 11 August 2014

EOS lip balm review

 So I finally decided to join the hype and get myself an EOS lip product, I'd always been hesitant to buy one as they are really quite expensive but I decided to pick one up.
I went for the lemon flavoured one with an SPF 15, I chose this because of the SPF since it's British summertime (not that it's needed aha) and also because I thought it would be quite refreshing. 
I am quite dissapointed with the product to be honest I've found it to be no different to any other lip products I've purchased. For this reason it's far too overpriced due to shipping from America and. It really worth the money. Although it feels, smells and tastes amazing I don't really see much change in my lips that always seem to be chapped. I haven't tried out any other flavours so I don't know if any others are better. I know some people swear down by this product and find it works miraculously but I haven't really noticed much change. 

Some tips for choosing a lip balm.
If your looking for a balm to heel dry lips rather than just moisturise whilst it's on  you need to be looking for balms that don't contain petroleum jelly. ( thanks to my chmistry teacher for this :) The petroleum jelly once on your lips simply evaporates off and takes the moisture with it, it has something crazy to do with carbon bonds but we won't go into that ahaha. Brands include petroleum so that they can create more sales as we have to use more. Sneaky sneaky brands. 

Here are a few balms I've found without petroleum ( I haven't tried them all) :
Lush lip products
Burst bees products 
Nivea a kiss of moisture 

If you guys find or know of any more please let me know in the comments 
Also if there's any other products you would like reviewing just let me know     


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