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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour Experience *Spoilers*


I will warn you now this is a long post.

I'm such a huge PotterHead and had been begging my mum since the exhibition was opened to take me and in the Easter holidays this year *cringe*'my dreams came true.
Me and my mum went down to London a couple of months ago to the Warner Bros studios, is had completely beat my expectations. Wow. One thing I would recommend if your as excitable as me is to slow down and take your time, I found myself frantically running about and missing things, especially the signs explaining things (although I probably knew them anyways). Since I went before my 15th birthday I was still classed as a child and got my own passport to collect stamps in along the way.


To begin the tour you are led in a group of about 100 into a room where you watch a video clip about how the films and books went viral. Then you are led into the Great Hall which is absaloutly  breathtaking. You get to see all of the actual costumes used and the tour guide talks you through a few more facts. You are hurried on quite quickly from this so I just went exploring round the room whilst the women was talking, also since there are so many people talking pictures and videos it becomes quite crowded. Here are a few pictures from the hall. 


After this you are sent into the main part of the studios where most of the tour takes place. DO NOT RUSH THIS BIT. You see the sets from the most popular places in the castle or Hogsmead and also cages filled with props and costumes. My favourite sets I think were Dumbledoors office and Gryffindoor boys dorm. At the Quiditch section of the hall you get the chance to take a picture or video on a broom or in the Weasleys car. Some photos from this area are below. 



After this bit you make your own way outside to a large courtyard where there are a few of the larger props and sets such as Tom Riddles grave which seriously creeped me out. There  also is the opportunity to try ButterBeer, it is quite pricy but I just had to. It kinda tastes like cream soda if you like that (I don't really but it was ButterBeer so I was going to drink that shizz). Fun fact, London and America are the only place where you can get ButterBeer. (although I don't know if that's changed since the opening of Diagon alley in Tokyo).  Also there was an owl and raven display showing how they carried the letters and such.


                                     THIS IS THE ACTUAL OWL THAT PLAYED HEDWIG ASDFGHJKL

*Just like to point out I went during the feathers and flight promotion so the owls and ravens might not be there*

After this you go into another room where you see more on how it was made showing you how they make costumes and props. Also you see many of the early character and set sketches. This is a very short section of the tour but still very interesting.      


Next comes my absolute favourite part of the entire tour. Diagon Alley. Wow. It's like your actually walking down it during the film. I was absaloutly dying to just jump over the barrier and run straight into Olivanders but I contained myself. The only thing that annoyed me slightly was that it's so crowded. People getting in the way of my selfies dammit. I realise my photos make it look empty but I'm just skilled with a camera haha.


The next part was absaloutly breathtaking. Although you'd like to believe that Hogwarts is filmed at an actual castle (besides Alnwick which is amazing as well btw)  but it's actually filmed on a smaller scaled model. I found myself speechless staring at the castle from every angle rein acting scenes in the different areas it was truly an amazing feature.


After this you are led into a room that looks like the inside of Olivanders where everyone that has a wand who's worked on the films. Jk's, Robert Pattersons and Emma watsons wands are on the wall to your right when you walk in. In this room was a really cocky man hired basically to brag about how well he knew everyone, don't talk to him for your own good, by this point your feet will be killing an the last thing you'll want is someone blabbing on about the manufacturer of the trees that created the chair that the director sat on. Or whatever. Although if you do fancy a laugh ask him how Daniel Radcliffe was to work with, it's hilarious watching his face drop.


Then it's the gift shop which is incredibly overpriced but who cares it's Harry potter and I had to buy stuff so I came out with a tshirt and a keyring aaaaaahh. I took a couple of pictures of the sweeties.


Congratulations if you managed to read this all it has been a very long blog post. Since your here leave me a little comment about your experience there or when your planning on going and I'll reply to any questions asked. Also subscribe to emails telling you when I've updated a post.

Thankyou Muggles ;)

Little treat to those who keep reading, well done to you. I also had to drag my mum to Kings Cross to visit platform 9¾ , after queuing for 45 mins and loosing my tube ticket..oops... I got my picture wooooo! 

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